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shadhin in your business

Shadhin in your business
will add new dimensions


While you used to use Wi-Fi to use the internet for personal needs, we are introducing you to a technology service that provides your customers with real-time customer data as well as your branding and Can give new dimension to marketing.


Who doesn't want to give the best service to their customers? Having a comfort space in the business zone and Wi-Fi service there will bring pure joy against the bitter experience of waiting hours. Necessity can also be a big factor there. Soon your opportunities will open up. , data driven branding or marketing.
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Especially suitable for organizations

1. Hospital/Diagnostic Centre

Waiting for hours in queues to see patients or waiting for test reports is a common picture in hospitals/diagnostic centers. You have to think whether you will keep the organization in that common image, or you will find opportunities out of that problem. For example: -
  • Free Wi-Fi access during the waiting period will give users a better experience.
  • Data driven marketing can be done later with real time data of users. For example, whether a new doctor has joined or whether a doctor's schedule has changed or can conduct any special discount or promotional campaign.
  • Can offer special services or discount coupons to Wi-Fi registered customers.
  • You can view the recorded version of the missed class.
  • Having your organization's logo on the login screen will add a new level of branding.

2. Restaurant

Ordered food but it will take some time to cook. Sometimes it takes a little time. Starts yawning in frustration. Sometimes gets angry. The matter may also be like this:-
  • Because of the presence of Wi-Fi, he spent the time chatting with friends or loved ones or jumping on social media. He can also read the necessary mails.
  • You can easily deliver special discount offers on food to your customers.
  • You will also know which dishes are in high demand or which dishes are preferred by customers.
  • Your brand logo on the Wi-Fi screen will surely increase the trust and confidence of your brand.
  • Your competitors are offering similar services but you are doing data driven marketing with time, you say who will be ahead?

3. Super Shop

Super shop provides a great solution for daily needs. Husband-wife went to the market. The wife has to go around and buy the best thing. The poor husband sits quietly in a corner and waits for hours. But he can be given access to free Wi-Fi.
  • Log-in interface with your company logo will increase your brand value.
  • With real-time data of clients, you can send messages about the percentage discount of any product, what special offer is going on or which one is free with which one.
  • There are many more opportunities for data driven marketing.

4. School/College/University

Is there an end to the need for internet in educational institutions? How many things you need to read, search or communicate, but you don't have the necessary internet, as a result, how many opportunities have you missed. Or if this is the case -
  • You were not in the class but the date of the exam was given on that day, as soon as you connected to the Wi-Fi network, the notification came, the last date of the exam, assignment submission.
  • The notification to pay the money to the bank by registering also came.
  • It is also possible to get results in this way.
  • You can view the recorded version of the missed class.
  • Sending custom messages or notifications according to the department will increase the speed of the organization.

5. Industries/Factories

Since a large number of employees work in industrial establishments or factories, they can zone Wi-Fi in your common space for video calling with family during work breaks or entertainment during work breaks. Your company's brand value will increase from the point of dispatch.
Now, let's talk about clients. A business need may require a document or video call with someone or some matter of payment. It's never a smart thing to do if the internet isn't there. A simple log-in page with your company logo will give the client a positive feel about your company. Plus, there's an opportunity to use real-time data.

6. Brand Showroom

Say who does not have a weakness for brands? And those who are doing business also want customers. These two parties are happy only when there is a successful business deal. And successful business deal is when the customer can be engaged in an attractive campaign, and that is only possible if you have accurate real time targeted customer data. Can send messages.
If you can have a seating space in a corner of your shop during shopping and can use a little Wi-Fi there, your brand value will increase. You will also get data for sending campaigns or offer notifications. New rhythm will come to your business.

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