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Best Freelancer Broadband package in Bangladesh

Freelancer Agency Package

For Whom This Package

This package is so classy for those who manage agency teams. Particularly, for those who monitor the agency team, this package is very helpful in these works; online meetings, presentations, file transformation for download and upload, online collaboration, and others group-based tasks. Moreover, it provides the high-speed bandwidth required for use by team members' devices.


With this package, it is possible to use 1 laptop, 3 desktops, and 5 smartphones. Besides if you want to connect further devices to this service, it is possible. To be honest, there have good enough service, uninterrupted connectivity, and high-speed internet service in this package.

Actually, Shadhin doesn't like to be confined to fixed data speed; rather it is very conscious about user-friendly services. Such as; if you want to use an application on your selected device, you will get the bandwidth of Shadhin as much as you need to run the application.

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