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Home Package: Cheapest wifi for Home

For Whom This Internet Package

There is a family of 5 members which has only one desktop that everyone uses according to their daily needs; like watching movies, playing games, learning how to type, printing, or sending emails. Besides, every member of the family has a personal smartphone. Yet there is only one in that family who uses a laptop for official work purposes. Not only that, but the family also belongs to a member who has to attend online classes and submit assignments. That's why everyone needs internet service regularly. Besides, when the guests come to the family, they also want to use the internet during the space of chat. Therefore, Shadhin has generated the “Home Package” keeping such a family in mind.


If a family takes the service of this package, they can easily monitor 1 desktop and 1 laptop along with 5 smartphones. Even if they want to connect further devices to this service, it is possible. To be honest, there have good enough service, uninterrupted connectivity, and high-speed internet service in this package.

Actually, Shadhin doesn't like to be confined to fixed data speed; rather it is very conscious about user-friendly services. Such as; if you want to use an application on your selected device, you will get the bandwidth of Shadhin as much as you need to run the application.

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