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student internet package in bangladesh

Student Broadband Internet Package

For Whom This Package

Day by day, Students are extremely being dependent on the Internet for their academic needs. Nowadays, taking online classes; searching Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube for any kind of information; submitting assignments, or taking exams on online platforms, have become worth the daily activities of students' life. So, the Internet has also turned out as an unavoidable organ for completing those activities. But for that, it is not enough to have just the internet rather it is needed high-speed and inexpensive service. Therefore, Shadhin has developed the “Student Internet or Wi-Fi Package” keeping in mind high-speed and inexpensive Internet service for the student's academic needs. We provide Weekly and Cheapest student internet packages all over the Bangladesh.


If a student takes the service of this package, he/she can easily monitor 1 desktop or laptop along with 3 smartphones. Even if he/she wants to connect further devices to this service, it is possible. To be honest, they have good enough service, uninterrupted connectivity, and high-speed internet service in this package.

Actually, Shadhin doesn’t prefer to be confined to fixed data speed; rather it is very conscious about user-friendly services. Such as; if you want to use an application on your selected device, you will get the bandwidth of Shadhin as much as you need to run the application.

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