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Professional Package

For Whom This Package:

For professional needs, many people have to sit at home or office for meetings, video presentations, online classes with clients, or come live to show products for telemedicine or online business. And for those people regarding their tasks, this package is the best solution. In a nutshell, if you want the necessary internet facilities in a complete professional setup, definitely the professional package is for you. Because, with this package, you can run your work remotely and uninterruptedly as per your needs. This package has been created in response to the needs of professionals in order to meet those needs and help them progress.


With this package, a freelancer can use 1 desktop, 1 laptop, and 2 smartphones along with a webcam. Besides if you want to connect further devices to this service, it is possible. To be honest, there have good enough service, uninterrupted connectivity, and high-speed internet service in this package.

Actually, Shadhin doesn't like to be confined to fixed data speed; rather it is very conscious about user-friendly services. Such as; if you want to use an application on your selected device, you will get the bandwidth of Shadhin as much as you need to run the application.

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